Hi there!

I'm Ron Talman. I'm a freelance software engineer and webdeveloper. I love making apps, websites,
and games.
Below you can find some of the things I've been creating lately. They'll be getting their own demo and download pages as soon as possible, so I can show them off even better! If you have any questions or just want to have a nice conversation with me, simply hit me up at the contact form below, find me on one or several social networks, or simply shoot me an email.
A cool isometric engine

Isometric engine

An open source HTML 5 canvas/webgl based isometric tile renderer? Sign me up!

Demo incoming ASAP


Can't remember all 718 Pokémon, their types and their type effectiveness? Then this is the App for you!

It's even in the app store!

This beautiful gauge


Beautiful animated vectorgraphic gauges. Need I say more? Open source. There.

Oh my.. A fully functional demo?

Feel free to contact me

- or find me -

It works pretty well, doesn't it? That big green bar is the "value" bar. The smaller, darker bar below it is used for benchmarking. That's why it's called the "benchmark" bar. The little white stripe is the "target". Notice the pretty animation when it refreshes? Ain't it neat? And it's all customisable as well! All colors, gradients, labels, units, sizes. Pretty much everything!

I will open source it as soon as I fix some of the dependencies it has on jQuery right now. I want it to be completely independent from any external libraries, except for Raphael.js.